Back in 2010, I created Jersey Tap Fest for tap dancers of all ages and levels to come together as a community to learn from some of the best tap dance artists out there. Hosting over 250 tap dancers from all around the world and a faculty of 20+ world-renowned tap dance artists, it was everything I could've dreamt of and more. 

In 2019, as we celebrate 10 years, I changed it up to create a more intimate environment for 20 high level tap dancers to receive one on one attention from their favorite artists, and to dive deep into the creative process. 

In 2020, we adapted to COVID-19 and focused on individual Tap Music Videos, created start to finish by the dancers themselves.

We'll see what excitement 2021 has in store! I can’t wait for the opportunity to share shuffles in a creative and artistic environment that encourages passion, fosters growth and supports each dancer in their individual dance journey.

Hillary-Marie, Founder and Director