Back in 2010, I created Jersey Tap Fest for tap dancers of all ages and levels to come together as a community to learn from some of the best tap dance artists out there. In celebration of the 10th year, I’m changing it up to create a more intimate environment for 20 high level tap dancers to receive one on one attention from their favorite artists.

This 10th annual celebration will take place July 31st through August 4th, 2019, at Grooves Unlimited in Livingston, NJ. Jersey Tap Fest 2019 applications go live Monday, October 1st and are due by November 5th, more info at www.jerseytapfest.com.

I can’t wait for the opportunity to share shuffles in a creative and artistic environment that encourages passion, fosters growth and supports each dancer in their individual dance journey.

Hillary-Marie, Founder and Director


Founded in 2010, Jersey Tap Fest is New Jersey's sole dance festival featuring world-class tap faculty and extravaganza

We celebrate the masters of the past and bring light to the current and upcoming masters of today, giving them the opportunity to educate the current and next generation dancers as the future face of the tap dance community. Through master classes and performance opportunities, this stimulating, demanding and rigorous annual program allows for tap dancers all over the world to improve their technical abilities, hone their performance skills, network within the community and increase their overall knowledge of the art form. We are focused on serving tap dance by uniting the tap community, teaching its history, preserving it's percussive and improvisational style, expanding the respect for the art and promoting the dance as a cherished American art form.