Jersey Tap Fest marks my favorite time of the year for so many reasons. It's an opportunity to be surrounded by tap family and passionate students, as well as a time to celebrate where I grew up and learned to shuffle. I started the festival to highlight the amazing talent and tap community that New Jersey has to offer and it turned into so much more than I could have ever asked for. This is our art form and it will continue to move forward if we always give 200% and carry it with great respect for its history and dancers of the past and present. The festival truly gets bigger and better every year and while reflecting on the past seven years, all I can do is give continuous thanks and look forward to another amazing celebration! I am so looking forward to sharing the floor with everyone again in the summer of 2018 at the 9th annual Jersey Tap Fest!


Hillary-Marie, Founder and Director


Founded in 2010, Jersey Tap Fest is New Jersey's sole dance festival featuring world-class tap faculty and extravaganza

We celebrate the masters of the past and bring light to the current and upcoming masters of today, giving them the opportunity to educate the current and next generation dancers as the future face of the tap dance community. Through master classes and performance opportunities, this stimulating, demanding and rigorous annual program allows for tap dancers all over the world to improve their technical abilities, hone their performance skills, network within the community and increase their overall knowledge of the art form. We are focused on serving tap dance by uniting the tap community, teaching its history, preserving is percussive and improvisational style, expanding the respect for the art and promoting the dance as a cherished American art form.



"Jersey Tap Fest is the family fest"

"From the balcony in the back (right in front of the shrill siren screaming fans) you and everyone in the show were great. The legacy of tap is in good shoes at your show, you should repeat it in many more places, the framework of fame is fabulous"

"Meeting and talking and learning with all of the teachers (especially Dr. Cromer) was awesome. After the performance everyone was raving about how amazing it was and how excited they are for next year!"

"I loved taking the classes and performing with you and the rest of the teachers - something I'll never forget"

"We can't thank you enough for the wonderful time and the great experience for all of us. I felt so blessed to have witnessed all the amazing tap dancing. It truly filled us with joy for days afterward!"